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Pentagon Attempts to Stop Wind Farm Development

19 April 2010 15,894 views 6 Comments

Pentagon Halts Wind Farm Construction, Claiming Radio Interference-

With opposition looming around every corner in the fight toward a clean energy economy, it comes as no big surprise that the Pentagon is now attempting to prevent the development of what promises to be the world’s largest wind farm in eastern Oregon. Caithness Energy had planned to begin construction on the 845-megawawtt Shepherds flat wind farm near Arlington, Oregon; but last month, Pentagon officials moved to deny the developer its final Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permit, claiming that the bulky turbines could interfere with a local Air Force radar system. The dispute has targeted three other major wind projects in the same region, and other proposed wind farms in states from Illinois to Texas. The FAA sent notifications to Caithness Energy, and numerous local landowners who plan to host wind turbines on their property, stating that the structures pose “a hazard to air navigation” and indicated that the turbines would exceed “obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference effect upon navigable airspace or air navigation facilities.” According to Caithness Executive Vice President Ross Ain, any considerable delays in construction could kill the wind farm because the project will lose its eligibility for federal funding unless its finished by the end of 2012.

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  • Amber said:

    This is just outragious. It just goes to show you how far the government will go to make some money. With the technology we have today you would think that ‘radar interference’ would not be an issue.

  • Tony said:


    If you are so in favor of windfarms, why not spend your hard earned money to buy some beautiful mountain side property. Then let the greed (not green) company come and put up 400 foot turbines so you can’t sleep at night. Then the rest of us could live in peace while you save the world.

  • Gil said:

    Amber – You are absolutely correct. Current digital radar technology is very immune to the turbines. On Tony’s behalf, virtually nothing can be done without some impact on us and the environment. Big turbines do make some noise but relatively speaking, that noise is alot better than sucking on other exhaust.
    Of course, there are quite a few Tonys out there and they’ll all change their stories when gas is over $5 a gallon, their electric bills are $1000 a month, and they can’t breath. They’ll be begging to stay on your mountainside property….
    We do have the technology to move forward with many forms of clean-green energy but as usual, we do not have the log-term motivation. That generally equates to the “paying out of dollars”. I suppose Tony hasn’t wondered why so many of the energy companies are also investing in green energy. The bottom line is that have figured that they can actually make more money for less investment and no major environmental impact. While BP oil spurts out in the Gulf, they are also one of the larger alternative energy investors abd builders in the world. Have no doubt, you’ll see it in their ads over the months to come.
    Our citizens and people need to wake up while they can still smell the coffee!

  • Clint V said:

    I agree with Tony – If anyone is a “tree-hugger” it is probably the farmers & ranchers like me.

    I love this land and i have worked hard so that i can pass my land on to my kids, now unfortunately my beautiful view is about to be jeopardized by these space ship looking wind turbines, i have tried to fight it but money and greed will more than likely prevail.My closest neighbor is 4 miles away & this land that i love looks like it did 200 years ago. I wish the big money behind this crap would target the cities for their “wind-energy” instead of the countryside & rural areas.

    As far as Gil’s comment – i would be willing to bet our fuel prices & electric bills will probably rise reguardless of whether it looks like Mars when i look out my window…….

    the land will be changed forever

    1 Sad Cowboy – OKLAHOMA\TEXAS border

  • McGuyver said:

    @Clint: I respect you highly for what you do to provide food for Americans across this great country of ours. We need more people like you. I’m a country boy myself from West Virginia. Both my grandfathers were farmers. I learned a lot from both of those WWII, “greatest generation” men. They both loved our country so much and so do I! I joined the military because of the beliefs they (as well as my father) passed on to me, and ended up stationed in North Texas and SW Oklahoma. The woman I met in Hobart, OK has been with me for 15 yrs. Coming from a state that is totally mountainous (I love mountains, btw) it was a shock to me to see such a vast open beauty of that part of the country from which you and my girl are from. We visit SW Oklahoma once a year and I do hear complaints about how these turbines look so “ugly”. I also met some friends from other far off places while I was in. One close friend of mine in particular is from Thibodeaux, LA. I still talk to him today, and he’s telling me about his concern about the BP spill in the Gulf. He isn’t a professional fisherman or driller or anything, and he’s 70 miles from the Gulf. His concern is the chemicals that he can smell that they are spraying and it’s effect on his children. He’s a seafood lover and outdoorsman like myself (I’ve fished down there with him). He’s also concerned about the wildlife, and we have both seen the devastating pictures of wildlife covered in oil and burning marshes where we once fished together. In my perception, I would call that “ugly”. I also read that our government has allowed a company from another country, who makes billions of dollars in profit every year to do their own inspections and policing after 700+ violations. I’d consider that “ugly” as well. Then I hear that that company is allowed to clean up their own mess even after 80+ days of not informing us with how they are going to fix this “gusher” that will eventually spill into the Atlantic Ocean where I vacation when I can. I would consider that “ugly” as well. Sorry, Clint. In no way am I trying to argue with you, I just think that we like in country that has thrived on hard work and great minds. Sometimes, we take it on the chin and because of that, we invent new ideas. we are a strong country! IMO, we need energy that will stop all this devastation and death and support our demands for energy and our lives.

  • sandcanyongal said:

    It’s amazing how people think someone else should take it on the chin and they have no understanding of how devastating wind turbines are. If this person thinks someone should take it on the chin, volunteer to put them in your own backyard.

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