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green-energy-newsThe writers at Green Energy News™ provide you with the most up-to-date breaking news stories in the alternative energy industry, regarding older and more recent advancements in renewable technology, renewable energy projects, green jobs, energy funds, renewable energy companies, renewable energy stocks and much more. We do not slant our stories in any way and you can be sure that you are only getting the facts. Add our RSS Feed to your computer and our Twitter to get the earliest breaking news in renewable energy! We are pleased to announce a recycling outreach service we are presently offering to the residents of Los Angeles, CA with no current access to recycle bins. This service will ultimately act as a case study for a possible nation-wide recycling project. We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our website and we want to thank everyone for their endless efforts and triumphs in the daily struggle to keep our planet forever green! **For recycling services in Los Angeles County, please contact media@renewable-energy-news.info.


  • Jonathan Gal said:

    Carbocycling of coal-electric plants with photosynthetic algae is clean, green, efficient, and lower cost than wind or solar. PLUS, it uses existing coal plants and transmissions lines.

    Coal plant emissions are piped into a photobioreactor, like our patents pending MOPS(TM), where the sun powers algae growth, and the algae consume the pollutants from the coal plant as they multiply.

    The resulting algae biomass is a very natural, biomass product that can be used in many different ways. Whole algae can be dried and burned in the coal plant, creating a clean, green carbon loop at the coal plant. The biomass also contains oil, which can be extracted and turned into BioDiesel. And, it contains carbs & protein, which can be used for ethanol production or for livestock feed or for a soil amendment product.

    100% emissions free, safe & easy to build, uses existing coal plants and transmissions line, lower cost than solar & wind.

  • Clinton Cole said:

    Hi, I represent a company called Algaeventure Systems. This message is to simply inform you about our disruptive technology. Algaeventures harvesting and farming systems have reduced the cost of dewatering a ton of algae by over 99% from around $875 to $1.92, making it a viable source of energy. Please visit our website for more information and a press release. http://www.algaevs.com

  • GreenEnergyNews (author) said:

    That is amazing technology, I am pleased you decided to share it with us!

  • Chris Clevenger said:

    Hy-Bon Engineering, Inc. offers solutions for clean, renewable energy, and the reduction of greenhouse gas vented to the atmosphere.

    Global Experts in Vapor Recovery

    Assisting operators with reducing major greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Xavier Moutoux said:


    State Of Emergency For New Energy System

    Our unemployment, economic, and imminent energy crises entail an immediate Presidential mandate for nationwide conversion to solar, wind, geothermal and hydro-electric energy.

    Local, National, International (November 15, 2010) – What does it take to mobilize America and unite its manufacturing sector to work towards a single goal? In the past, a world war and the very real possibility of life-and-death brought us together. Our current economic/energy situation is equally monumental. It is the equivalent to WWIII, but our enemy is not one another. The true opposition is the division that paralyzes our progress towards a clean environment.

    Unifying Truth Project is rallying for an executive order to declare our energy situation a state of emergency. The primary objective of this rally is to push the president to direct the Pentagon towards organizing a “war for green energy.” This massive project would be dedicated to building and installing enough renewable energy technology to supply the power needs of the United States by December 21, 2012. Committing to green energy is the single best thing we can do for our economy and environment. This critical undertaking will solve our energy, unemployment, and pollution problems simultaneously.

    We already possess the technology to convert to clean energy and don’t need the motivation of war or economic depression to make sustainable advancements. If we can work together in wartime to manufacture ships and airplanes, we can cooperate in peacetime to build a clean energy system even more efficiently and quickly. Acquiring, harvesting, and burning fossil fuels and storing nuclear waste brings more trouble and cost than it’s worth. We can build a new power grid and clean energy system that will pay for itself in a few years while producing abundant, safe, and nearly free electrical power. A myriad of new jobs will be created by this endeavor, answering our unemployment crisis. This project is so important that it warrants printing new money for funding and seeing that it happens as soon as possible.
    - Xavier Moutoux, Founder of Unifying Truth Project

    There is no shortage of energy. The sun’s rays, the earth’s heat, flowing water and blowing wind give us an inexhaustible source of energy. Our division about what to do is the root of the problem. The crises we face will only be remedied when people come together. We need to recognize our commonalities and work with them. Continued division will have devastating consequences, including a ravaged ecosystem and an uninhabitable earth. The environment is something that affects us all. Putting this off any longer would be a grave mistake. A transformation will surge when we face the reality of our condition and unite to overcome it. Instead of wasting time and resources, we must utilize what has been given to us for free and work towards a common goal.

    The Plan: Clean Energy – Green Technology

    The main facet of Unifying Truth Project is to reveal self-evident truth about the reality in which we live. Get involved with the movement by visiting http://www.truthcontest.com.


    Image: http://www.unifyingtruthproject.org/images/cleanenergyamerica.jpg

    For more information about this plan and/or to offer an interview:

    Xavier Moutoux
    Director, Webmaster
    mail@unifyingtruthproject.org (preferred contact method)

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