5 Cost-Effective Green Building Retrofits Electricians Should be Promoting

Article Features 5 Green Retrofits Electricians Should be Promoting-

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In a fantastic article written by Houston Neil with the Construction Blog, the importance of green retrofits in the rapidly expanding green building sector is emphasized. Neil discusses 5 green retrofits in particular which he says electricians should be promoting to stimulate business and help save consumer cash in the long haul. The first improvement mentioned is inexpensive and maintenance-free lighting retrofits. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), lighting accounts for nearly 20 percent of all electricity used in the United States, so replacing old bulbs with energy-efficient LED fixtures will help save cash and energy for years to come. The second retrofit mentioned is daylight harvesting – the practice of eliminating artificial light in a room when sunlight is readily available, which can include installing skylights, more windows, even dimmers, motion sensors and/or timers. According to a study performed by the NRC Institute for Research in Construction, applying practical use of sunlight during daytime hours can reduce energy costs by a whopping 20 to 60 percent. Third on Neil’s list highlights energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofits, which offers high payback, outstanding efficacy and, to boot, can be coupled with government tax credits to help push the product to consumers. Next on the list are solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and wind turbine installations. Grid-tie solar systems, according to Neil, will have the most success among consumers, particularly in areas where sunlight is not ample. Moreover, building owners may be able to receive payment or energy credits from their local utility company if more electricity is generated than necessary. Likewise, wind turbines – depending on the region – can reduce electricity bills by 50 to 90 percent; although they certainly aren’t for everyone, as residential zoning laws restrict turbines in certain neighborhoods. The last green retrofit references energy management systems and monitoring devices, which supervise and control energy consumption. In fact, research proves that offering consumers detailed information regarding their home energy-efficiency can result in 5 to 15 percent savings on monthly electricity. For detailed information on these vital and cost-effective retrofits, please visit Houston Neil’s Construction Blog.

-by Houston Neal with Software Advice

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